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"Cosmopolis" Review by LesInrocks

"Cosmopolis" Review by LesInrocks

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The first thing which surprise in'' Cosmopolis'', it's its density. It's a compact film, a very complex, messy sort of big piece to swallow that make us appreciate it more only a few hours following the screening.

Knowing that David Cronenberg is one of the 5 biggest filmmakers in the world, we can say that '' Cosmopolis'' is not one of his greatest films, but, in contrast to Cannes, is the one of 4 or 5 great films that dominates the entire competition.

The film is really exciting during the first hour when he keeps this spirit totally abstract.

The other important point of the film, it's Robert Pattinson.

David plays with the cinema's past of his actors in a very clever way. He really plays with the personality of Juliette Binoche and he plays with the vampire past of Robert Pattinson.

For me it is primarily a film of Robert Pattinson.

The funny thing is that he no longer plays a vampire but a human and in this movie he's a far more disturbing vampire than in Twilight. Where the idea was humanized figure of the vampire.

This is one of the greatest formalist films of the competition with ''Holy Motors''.

We feel the light in Cronenberg, the surroundings are important, and everything that is in the limo, you want to touch it as often as possible in Cronenberg's films. And there's really a connection with the texture of things.

There's a pretty awesome scene at the end of Cronenberg's film, we question ourselves where the limousines are at night when you do not drive, and ultimately it is Leos Carax who gave the answer in his own film showing the garage for limousines.

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