Friday, May 25, 2012

"Cosmopolis" Review by Love Film

"Cosmopolis" Review by Love Film

2 Stars

Fast, furious, stylish, exciting, erotic… These are just some of the words we won’t be using to describe the new movie from (and it still feels weird just to say this) David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson.

Despite the sizzling trailer – a sexy hooker with a taser, Pattinson shooting himself in the hand, a giant rat prowling the streets, a rioting crowd – Cosmopolis emerges as perhaps Cronenberg’s least commercial movie in the last 10 years.

Sure to split the critics here in Cannes, it sees Robert Pattinson take on the boldest role of his career as a bored multi-billionaire riding a limousine through Manhattan to get a haircut. Confined to mostly the inside of the soundproof limo, Cosmopolis feels like more like black-box theatre than cinema as a series of characters deliver dense, difficult monologues that seem to mean everything and nothing.

It was a smart choice to cast Pattinson, whose blankness seems channeled for nihilistic sarcasm as he screws Juliette Binoche, listens to Samantha Morton talk time and money and takes a pie in the face from Mathieu Amalric. But Cronenberg’s artily staged satire of a capitalist modern world self-destructing never gets out of second gear.

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