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Hollywood Crush : Why Robert Pattinson Inspires Us

Hollywood Crush : Why Robert Pattinson Inspires Us

Hey guys, Sunday is Robert Pattinson's birthday, and we're celebrating a bit early!

As the actor turns 26, he has a lot of great movie projects in the works like the upcoming fever-dream "Cosmopolis" and the war thriller "Mission: Blacklist." He's a busy guy—wanted by fans, press and casting directors—but he still manages to make time for those in need. From auctioning off kisses for a campaign against AIDS to donating thousands of dollars to fund charity projects, we're honoring his big day by taking a look back at all the ways he inspires us!

1. While in France for the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, RPattz attended the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Cocktail Party where he auctioned off kisses to support the cause. Before host Sharon Stone started the bidding, Rob joked, "Starting at five dollars." But Sharon knew he was worth a lot more than that and opened the bidding at $10,000, to which he added, "And if it goes well, maybe it'll turn into something more." We sure hope so because not one, but two bidders paid $20,000 for a meet-and-greet with Rob along with some smooches. Pucker up!

2. When a massive earthquake rocked the island of Haiti, a slew of stars came together in multiple cities to raise money during the live televised event, "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief." The money went towards medical care, food and city repairs. During the event Rob spoke about how the tragedy united the world in a singular cause and asked viewers to raise awareness and donate to the fund. "Unlike any other event in history, our world has been connected to this tragedy because of technology," he said. "Join with those watching and see what they're saying about something we all care deeply about—helping the Haitian people get back on their feet."

3. In 2010, Rob donated the $80,000 he received from a charity auction to the GO Campaign to build a home dedicated to educating teenage girls in Cambodia. It was a Chicago family who shelled out the cash and won a meet-and-greet with the actor on the set of "Breaking Dawn."

4. In 2011, he partnered with the charity again and offered up a private screening of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" for 20 people the night before it hit theaters. Those in attendance also took home a "Twilight" swag bag including signed posters, a replica of Bella's wedding ring and more. If only Donald Trump agreed to be our sugar daddy. Hey, the money would go to a good cause because we'd just bid on charity auctions like this all day!

5. According to Look to the Stars, back in September 2011, Rob gave money to a homeless street performer in Los Angeles. Luke Jones, who happened to witness the act of kindness, reported the actor returned a few minutes later and gave the man an acoustic guitar. "The busker was totally shell-shocked. He had no idea who Robert was—I think he thought the guitar was stolen," Luke explained. "He was looking left and right, half expecting the police to arrest him."

Well done, RPattz! We hope the good karma returns to you 10-fold on your special day. Happy birthday!

Source => MTV Hollywood Crush

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