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Kristen Interview with Le Figaro (France)

Kristen Interview with Le Figaro (France)

At 21, the Twilight star is in official competition at Cannes. She vampirizes screen in the role of Marylou, the heroine of ''On The Road'' of Walter Salles adaptation of the novel by Jack Kerouac. She has the game in the blood. 
Interview by Emmanuele Frois.

LE FIGARO - You are in competition at Cannes for ''On The Road'' of Walter Salles. And Robert Pattinson for ''Cosmopolis'' of David Cronenberg. Between you, is it competition or rather a game?
KRISTEN STEWART - (laughs) Between us there is no problem! And we consider it as a game. It's so incredible, unthinkable, crazy ending up the same year in Cannes, in competition, as we have just finished Twilight! It's strange ...

- (Laughs). I do not know. Maybe ...

What led you to the film by Walter Salles ''On the road'', adaptation of the work of Jack Kerouac?
I am committed to this project for five years. I read the novel by Jack Kerouac at 15. It was on my list of books to school. Instinctively, I immediately selected. This is the first book to have lit a flame in me and giving me a taste for lecture.All began with Jack!

What do you think of Marylou, the heroine who was inspired by LuAnne Henderson?
She was never afraid of anything. For many young girls, including myself, many times our actions are guided by fear. Even today, it would be considered as somebody unique. She had an ability to love, generosity of spirit. She was not a rebel or persuaded to be a pioneer or a girl avant-garde. She was just herself.

The filming of "Breaking Dawn'' Part 2 is now over and will be released on November 14. Relief?
We redid the catch because I had hurt myself. Then, we will promote for its release. I'll have to talk about Twilight until the end my days! I'm sure! Twilight represents a long and important moment in my life.

Credit => Le Figaro / Via => @kstewangel

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