Friday, May 25, 2012

Kristen Video Interview with Coming Soon (Italy)

Kristen Video Interview with Coming Soon (Italy)

Kristen talks about how important it was to know the woman behind the character of Marylou, especially because initially, it was difficult for her to understand how Marylou could take the “abuse” of being cheated on in stride.

She says of Marylou, “She is very vivid, very sexy…, but there is so much depth and awareness. She was a very sensitive girl, as well. It was easier for me to play her because I am very ‘inward’. She’s so open and generous and can see the beauty in absolutely everyone. To know that made it easier to play the part…. Why is she taking this abuse? That was always a question. She actually took it in stride. She had very different priorities than most people… different limits and different boundaries. To understand that, being a fairly normal girl who would not want my boyfriend cheating on me, it was good to know the woman behind the character.”

Kristen discusses how ‘On the Road’ is still relevant today. She says, “I don’t think it’s ever been irrelevant… There is a certain stage of life that is representative…. People who want to surround themselves with people who push them, people who have different wants in life and are not afraid to follow them. So, I don’t think that ever really went away.”

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