Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Contest : Win "Jalouse" French Magazine + 6 bookmarks

May 2012 Contest : Win "Jalouse" French Magazine + 6 bookmarks

Hello everyone !
This month, you could win the "Jalouse" French Magazine (with 15 pages on Kristen Stewart) and 6 bookmarks of your choice.

1) Follow me on twitter @PatStewBoneCT.
2) Comment on this post and don't forget to write your twitter name.
3) One participation by twitter account.
4) Worldwide Contest.

The contest starts now and will end on Thursday, May 31 at 6:00 PM. (Eastern U.S. time)
The winners will be announced on June 1 !

Please leave only one comment by people, thank you.
I make this contest for my followers, so if you don't follow me, I can't enter you in the competition and if you unfollow me before the end of the contest, I couldn't validate your participation !
If you change your twitter name before the end of the contest, please inform me, thank you. ;)
Good luck everyone !


Thank you everyone for taking part to this contest :)
And the winner is...

Congratulations to @MockingjayStew, please send me a email to thelostworldoflola@gmail.com with your full name and adress and the number of the 6 bookmarks you want.
To thanks you all, I decided to pick up two others persons who will win 6 bookmarks, so here's the two winners...

 Congratulations to @CSI_Robsten and @twirobkstew, please send me a email to thelostworldoflola@gmail.com with your full name and adress and the number of the 6 bookmarks you want.
For the others, new contest is up here.


  1. Magnifique la couverture du Jalouse!
    Je croise les doigts^^

    merci pour le concours:)


  2. J'adore et je suis totalement jalouse xD !!
    Thank you for the contest !!

  3. 0.o she is just so beautiful isn´t she? lol I think so ;)
    I saw a few of the outtakes from this maagazine and it looks so great! I bet Kristen was proud to this one about On the Road.

    thank you for doing this giveaway :D

    I cross my arms, legs and fingers for luck ^.^

  4. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  5. omg i love that photoshoot cant find the magazine anywhere :(. thank you for this contest. @twirobkstew

  6. Thanks for this contest. Its especially great for us who don't live in France. :) @eemn83

  7. Ohhhh I can't find this magazine anywhere! Thanks for holding this contest! -MaiainNYC

  8. I've been looking for this magazine everywhere, the cover pic is so gorgeous! OTR is going to rock! I am so glad to have this opportunity to enter this comp, so thanks! good luck to us all - @CosmicGirl78

  9. Love this magazine cover and OTR is a wonderful read!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! @adawnn1

  10. I shall push my luck and enter another contest..she is very beautiful!

  11. Love this contest! Good luck everyone x

  12. Thanks for this contest, want the magazine so much!

  13. I really want to have this magazine, oh and the bookmarks too! Awesome contest <3


  14. This is an amazing contest, especially for people from countries where this mag isn't available, so thank you :)


  15. oh my! I want!


  16. Love this contest!!! Thank you!!


  17. I've been trying to find this everywhere! It would be amazing if I won it! I'm honest to god in love with this magazine!
    Love ~ @MockingjayStew <3

  18. Yay.. Great contest :)


  19. I would love to have this! @breathom02

  20. Thanks for the contest :) You can't buy the mag here in Ireland

  21. Thanks for this contest :D @RKobsessed

  22. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! It would be AMAZING to have this! :)


  23. This is an awesome giveaway :D Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!


  24. Thanks for the giveaway!


  25. The first worldwide constest I see in ages :D


  26. ahhh!! thanks for another awesome contest!


  27. Thanks for this awesome contest :)


  28. She is amazing! Thanks for this opportunity & the magazine looks amazing. K-stew always looks perfect!

  29. @boomboombar :)