Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jackson Said to E! Online : "I Did Something I Never Thought I Would Do"

The Real Twilight Baby Daddy: "I Did Something I Never Thought I Would Do"

Jackson Rathbone has a good reason for looking so clean shaven at the MTV Movie Awards.

"I'm cleaning up my act," the Twilight star told me.

Why? Because the 27-year-old is going to be a dad.

His musician and burlesque dancer girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi, is expecting their first baby, due any day now.

"I've been wanting a kid for a long time," Rathbone admitted. "I'll have more—probably two or three."

So how is Hafasdi's pregnancy going?

"We've had an amazing pregnancy," Rathbone said. "She's just the most beautiful pregnant girl. She's gorgeous and she's still got a bounce in her step. I've been trying to get her to relax.

"We've been setting up the house, got the baby's room all ready," he continued. "We did some stuff in the bathroom. Baby-proofing, it's crazy."

And Hafsadi, 24, hasn't had any weird cravings. "She has the healthiest diet," Rathbone said. "Really healthy and only eating healthy food like lots of salad, well-cooked chicken. Every once and awhile I'll cook her a steak."

Rathbone announced on Twitter that they are having a boy.

"I did something I never thought I would ever do," he said. "I sent a picture over on Twitter of my son's unborn penis. I had to do it. I was so proud in the moment. I literally screamed when I found out in the doctor's office."

And no need to teach Mr. Rathbone how to change diapers. "I used to change my sister's diaper when she was a baby," he said. "I'm a pro at it."

And get this—Rathbone plans to take his son with him if he gets to travel to South America later this year to promote the second Breaking Dawn movie.

"Why not?" he said. "When I was two weeks old, I went on my first plane trip. I really hope I get to go to places like Brazil, Colombia and Argentina."

Credit => E! Online / Via => Twilight Poison

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