Friday, June 1, 2012

K-Stew Wants Hunger Games To Win Best Kiss!

K-Stew Wants Hunger Games To Win Best Kiss!

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are fast approaching, and excitement has began to build over who will be awarded one of the most coveted gongs of the night…the Best Kiss Golden Popcorn.

Ever since Twilight burst onto our movie screens, it has dominated the category, leaving co-stars and real-life lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart left with the awkward decision of whether to recreate their smooch on the Movie Awards stage.

With there being some tough competition this year from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's snog in The Hunger Games, we caught up with K-Stew to find out whether she thinks herself and R-Pattz will be crowned Best Kiss this time around.

When asked if she had any fighting talk for Jennifer and Josh, Kristen told "I don’t know. For the last few years it was ‘The Twilight Show’ and it was bizarre and this year’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be like ‘Oh good, something different! Please God, something different’.

"I would love to see them go up there and I would love to see how someone else dealt with it to be honest. It’s like ‘are you gonna do it?’, ‘are you gonna give it to them’."

She added: "If we didn’t win, I would actually be stoked to see like how it all goes down and how they handle it."

Kristen - who is currently starring in Snow White And The Huntsman - went on to add that she's not nervous about presenting an award at the prestigious ceremony, stating: "I feel very comfy there, like I’ve lived there for years.

"The first year, it was very different from how I feel now and I’m really stoked to come as Snow White… It’s going to be fun this year."

Credit => MTV UK / Via => Hunger Games DWTC---Kristen Stewart News

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