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Kristen in "Femme Actuelle" French Magazine

Kristen in "Femme Actuelle" French Magazine


The little one has quite a temper.

The Twilight star is cheeky and rebellious a twill in the very succesful Snow White and the Huntsman (June 13, in France). Meeting with the rising star of Hollywood.

Astride the sofa of the room N°205 of the Bristol horel, in Paris, Kristen Stewart moves the interviews with journalists without a murmur. The succes of the Twilght movies earned her a worldwide reputation and the heart of her partner Robert Pattinson. The 22 years old actress shows an unusual freedom of speech. The young woman shows she can have a critical eye about Hollywood. Her next movie, Cali, will set on the X environment… far from Snow White character ! This girl has not finished to surprising us.

What made you want to play Snow White on the screen ?
At first, Snow White is a classic. I like this heroine, because she is deeply kind, full of empathy to the others. I wanted to compose a human character, close to us. Snow White and the Huntsman, is especially an epic movie, with beautiful emotional moments and great action scenes.

This valiant and warlike Snow White is far from the heroine portrayed in the Brothers Grimm story…
I love the dark side of the character. It’s true there are some hard times in this movie. Personally, I’m attracted by the dark univers. I took my character up to this dark side. In this movie, she is not passive : she slips on an armor, takes the lead of the rebellion against the bad queen (Charlize Theron on the screen).

Do you find something about yourself in this character ?
Yes, but I think I’m a little more crazy than Snow White ! (laugh)

The movie is full of fight scenes, it wast not too hard ?
I like doing my own stunts, I love sport, I’m a big action movies consumer. On the set, I suffered a lot. (After having hurt her hand, the actress gave accidentally a punch in the face of her colleague Chris Hemsworth – who play the Huntsman – during a fight scene.)

What question would you ask to your mirror, if he had magical powers ?
I rarely speak with a miroir (laugh). If I was faced with a magical mirror, I would ask him some questions about myself, maybe… The most important thing is to succeed in looking at oneself, to see ourselves as we are.

You have made more confidential movies like The Runaways. Be recognized for your skills as an actress, is it important for you ?
I always want to challenge myself. Directors who hire me feel it.They choose me, because they think I deserve it. Sometimes, I work oneself to death, to live up people hopes, but I don’t want to prove anything so far. I don’t think about it.

Snow White and the Huntsman will be released (in France) a few weeks after On The Road, a Walter Salles’ movie. What experience has most enriched you ?
I believe that there is a difference with a blockbuster, like Snow White and the Huntsman, and an independent movie, like On the Road. In my case, I prefer shoot small movies. You’ll never see me in one of these comedies who are productions line, with hundred of people around you. Shoot this type of movie , give me the sensation to be a number, a machine for making dollars. I refuse movies made and thought to make millions.

Your outspokenness is pretty rare…
I’m not very diplomatic in life, I say what I think.

Hollywood is an unkind inductry toward actresses. How do you protect yourself ?
I think people are tired hearing actors selling themselves in the interviews. I don’t want to play this game. Sometimes it’s embarrassing… (She pauses herself) I don’t see why we should sell ourself. I love movies I made and I would do anything to defend them, but we must stop taking actresses for products.

You seem enjoy talking about you, to promote your films ?
In the interviews, I love talking about my job. On the other hand, reveal his life in a talk show is a strange experience. You know what I mean ? This is a concept that I find it hard to understand.

Some young actresses resort to cosmetic surgery. How do you explain this ?
Actresses age in Hollywood was always a problem . I would like to say that aging does not bother me, but it would not be telling the truth, because I’m worried about this. Like all women.

Fame makes you happy ?
Succes makes me happy. On the other hand, fame is a burden. I can’t like my job more than I love it today. I must share this passion with millions of people, and it is an unique position, it’s a life that few people can know.

Credit => KStew France

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