Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Contest : Win one of this french magazine : "Elle'', "M", "Premiere" or "Gold" + 6 bookmarks

July 2012 Contest : Win one of this french magazine : "Elle'', "M", "Premiere" or "Gold"  + 6 bookmarks

Hello everyone !
This month, you could win one of the last french magazines with Robert and Kristen : "Elle", ''M'', ''Premiere'' or "Gold", 6 bookmarks of your choice and some surprises. 

The Magazines

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The Bookmarks (click for bigger)

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1) Follow me on twitter @PatStewBoneCT.
2) Comment on this post and don't forget to write your twitter name.
3) One participation by twitter account.
4) Worldwide Contest.

The contest starts now and will end on Tuesday, July 31 at 6:00 PM. (Eastern U.S. time)
The winner will be announced on August 1 !

Please leave only one comment by people, thank you.
I make this contest for my followers, so if you don't follow me, I can't enter you in the competition and if you unfollow me before the end of the contest, I couldn't validate your participation !
If you change your twitter name before the end of the contest, please inform me, thank you. ;)
Good luck everyone !

Thank you everyone for taking part to this contest :)
And the winner is...
Congratulations to @rosebellas, please send me a email to with your full name and adress, the name of the magazine and the number of the 6 bookmarks you want.
To thanks you all, I decided to pick up two others persons who will win 6 bookmarks, so here's the two winners...
Congratulations to @BrunetteStew and @twilight_vef, please send me a email to with your full name and adress and the number of the 6 bookmarks you want.
For others, stay tuned, a new contest will be up in September !


  1. So a good friend just won your contest last month & here I am trying my luck... :D

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    - @wolffia

  2. I am unfortunate in all contests, but I hope to win at least Premiere Magazine.. even if the bookmarks with Rob are not bad. Good luck everyone ;) @itsallonyouRob

  3. Hello! I think my wall would be so happy to have these beautiful pictures on it hahha :) I definitely am following you now :) I'd love to win ! My twitter name : @nalesemsirine :) xxxx

  4. I won bookmarks last time.
    Now I need a magazine.
    Do you mind inducing Rob's peen with this one?
    Please and thank you.

  5. Hi. there :D
    Really,this contest contains amazing magazines ..
    I would like to get Rob's Premiere
    I like one, thanks for the change.
    :) Rose - @rosebellas

  6. I never win but I'll try again anyway... maybe 8th time lucky! I would really love a few of these bookmarks.

  7. In last time I was so an unlucky person, but I am here again. I want all of these magazines @Natali_Nis

  8. Thank you SO much for running another worldwide contest, you are amazing!
    - @adorablekstew

  9. i'd like to know more details on how you're gonna deliver it to the winner worldwide. those bookmarks are awesome i love them. :)
    thanks u 4 the givaway


  10. Thanks for the amazing contests. Forever hoping to win M! Lol :3 love @badassstewart <3

  11. I'll try one more time...

  12. They say the third time is supposed to be the luckiest, but how about the second? ;)
    Thank you for the opportunity... I'd love to win!
    Twitter: @LoveRobstenx95

  13. Omg!! This competition is SOOO awesome... Would love to win something as UK don't sell French mags :'( and took FOREVER tring to find Elle France :3

    Bookmarks are flawless too - they're Robsten so they would be ;) *crosses fingers for my Luck*

    I never win anything, but still staying hopeful :)

    - @mellie_newbold

  14. let's try one more time lol @adelestew :)

  15. Thank you for this amazing contest :)


  16. I want to win so badly!

  17. I wouldn't actually be able to read these, but gonna enter anyway, cos the mags look good, and a girl can never have too many bookmarks @definatelylizzy xx

  18. Still hoping to wi the France M magazine!!:)

  19. You made another contest asdfg ily!!!

  20. Thank you!!!!

  21. idk if it got sent so yeah

  22. wish me luck!! asufdds

  23. Wow... I will try my luck here... Those bookmarks are so awesome !! I want those mags too.. :) My twitter name : Viannyfs

  24. again, thank for doing this great giveaways! Love your Bookmarks so *fingers crossed* maybe this time ;)


  25. trying again. i love your contests! :)


  26. Let's gooo ! :D

  27. Great contest ! Thanks !


  28. Thanks for the contest !


  29. Hope i could win one of these magz (esp. Elle France/ M / Premiere)
    It's so hard to find it in Indonesia. So.. Pick me @vanakoestoer ^_^

  30. Great contest! My twitter name is Frytty :)

  31. It's a great contest!

  32. Awesome contest! You are so good to your followers!

  33. @TwiUpd_News

    great contest, live in the U.S so haven't been able to get my hands on these baby's.. good luck to me, and everyone else!! :)

  34. Awesome Contest!! The bookmarks are amazing!! I really love the M/French Elle/Premiere Magazines!! Impossible to find any French Magazines in the US.


  35. Hoping to win something! :-)

  36. Hey! Great Blog and Contest. Good Luck Everyone! @KJStewFan x

  37. Suis-je la seule à te laisser un commentaire en français ?? Héhé, c'est cool je trouve ^^
    Voilà, je me lance (depuis le temps que je me dis "fais-le").

  38. I'm here again, and again, thanks for the contest ;)


  39. Thanks so much for the competition.


  40. Hello! Ohhh, let's try my luck :3