Friday, August 3, 2012

More Info on Times’ Talk ‘'Cosmopolis'’ Q&A

More Info on Times’ Talk ‘'Cosmopolis'’ Q&A

To those of you attending the Times Talk Cosmopolis Q&A on August 15 in New York here is a refresher on te guidelines plus new of oration regarding the event.

''We will not have a live audience Q&A for this event. We are, however, accepting questions in advance. Our moderator will choose a select number of these questions to read to Mr. Cronenberg and Mr. Pattinson during the interview.''

No doubt this is to prevent from inappropriate questions being asked and makes it easier to screen them.

Following are the guidelines of conduct:

Camping outside the venue overnight is not permitted. The area outside The TimesCenter is private property and building security will remove anyone who remains overnight on the property.

The doors to the lobby of The TimesCenter will open early for this event, at 4pm, and patrons may queue up at this time. We encourage you to arrive no earlier than 4pm.

Doors to the theater will open at 6pm. Only ticketed patrons will have access to the lobby and theater of The TimesCenter.

Any photography, video and/or audio recording are strictly prohibited in the theater. Violators may be subject to removal.

This event is being filmed and Webcast live on Video of the event will be available on demand, also at

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