Thursday, August 16, 2012

Robert Pattinson Gets Cute In MTV Favorite Live Moments

Robert Pattinson Gets Cute In MTV Favorite Live Moments

If you love Robert Pattinson the way we think you love Robert Pattinson, then you will be surprised not at all when we note that every time he joins MTV for a live, off-the-cuff chat—be it at Comic-Con, on the red carpet, or in our studios—something totally cute happens. No, really: there's just something about Rob's self-deprecating charm that makes it impossible to spend time with him unscripted without him saying something so adorable that you just want to love him and hug him and pinch his rosy little cheeks... Ew, not those cheeks, you pervert.

...Oh, alright. Yes. Those ones too.

So in honor of his arrival at our Times Square lair for an exclusive interview and debut of a new clip from his movie, "Cosmopolis," we've put together a multi-cut of ALL the cuteness from Rob's many, many visits with MTV News' Josh Horowitz over the years to promote everything from vampire romance to depression-era drama. Including, but not limited to, our personal favorite moment from the "Breaking Dawn" chat in which Rob admitted to having eaten his feelings like a boss after being consumed with envy at the comparative ripped-ness of Taylor Lautner's impeccable abs.

And if you're yearning for more cuteness, don't forget to tune in to MTV tonight at 7:49 p.m. ET for the debut of a new "Cosmoplis" clip—and then kick it over to for our exclusive 30-minute interview with the Pattz.

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