Sunday, September 30, 2012

Johnny Harris Mentions Kristen with Indie London

Johnny Harris Mentions Kristen with Indie London

Q. You’ve mentioned how helpful Kristen was on the set, even appearing in scenes with you when she wasn’t required?
Johnny Harris: Yeah, the scene in particular was the funeral scene when I had to sing. And it only got confirmed on the morning that I’d be singing on my own because of the technicality of getting us all to do it. In moments like that, when the camera is focused on you, you tend to find other actors disappear but they remained standing in. It kind of tells you a lot about the feeling in general on the set. So, when I looked around Kristen was there, and Chris [Hemsworth], and Ray and Bob were stood either side of me. I’ll never forget that moment. It was an emotional moment in the film, we were all crying a bit, and when I looked up Kristen was also crying and the camera was not even on her. So, I was tremendously grateful to her for that.

Q. Will there be a sequel?
Johnny Harris: I have absolutely no clue. We’re all just hired hands really… you hear all sorts of rumours and there’s a good chance. But I don’t know is the honest answer. It’s really healthy for an actor just to keep things in the moment. And I’m really lucky to be busy. I’m writing at the moment too. So, if it [the sequel] was to happen I’ll hear about it when I’m meant to. The good thing is that you get plenty of notice with films like that, so there’s no need to worry. I think only the producers know at this stage what’s happening.

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