Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jackson Twitter Q&A

Jackson Twitter Q&A

@JacksonRathbone: Answering some Questions now on break ! #AskRath

@Kitty_Boombox : When will the film Girlfriend be released in the UK ? And when are you coming to the UK ?
@JacksonRathbone : Girlfriend is available VOD and on iTunes !

@NoodlesLuvsMe : How’s the baby ?
@JacksonRathbone : He’s amazing ! Best thing I’ve ever made !

@iLoveJellasMom : Can you say something in spanish ?
@JacksonRathbone :  Hola ! Como estas ?

@TheRealejandra : Mhmmm, favorite movie ?
@JacksonRathbone :  The Big Lebowski

@Sjemke : How does it feel now Twilight Saga is ending ?
@JacksonRathbone : It’s been such an amazing experience, I’ve been blessed to be a part of it.

@Real_Jani_Payne How has your life changed now that your son is here ?
@JacksonRathbone :  Everything is more beautiful.

@kfuckingstew : Justin Bieber or One Direction ?
@JacksonRathbone : Tom Waits

@AquaTinta : Are there plans for the second part of ''The Last Airbender'' ?
@JacksonRathbone : Sadly, no. …at least not as of yet.

@HutcherBone : Fave album at the moment ?
@JacksonRathbone : Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls

@irelynfoulke : What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you ?
@JacksonRathbone : Life.

@mariuribe444 : Have you ever been in Colombia ?
@JacksonRathbone : Not yet, but I’d love to visit!

@TheLiliEnn : You’re fav song ?
@JacksonRathbone : At Last

@Camila_Cristin : You said that you wanna work behind the cameras. Do you have any plans for now ?
@JacksonRathbone : Got plans to direct a music video !

@Mariassa : Are you still playing with the Gentle Giants ?
@JacksonRathbone : Off and on. Right now I’m finishing up my solo record, BILLY BADASS. My first single will be available on Saturday !

@love_rathbone : When will you come back to Europe, especially to Italy ? I miss you. All my love and respect always <3>
@JacksonRathbone : Love Italy ! The food, the people, everything ! No plans yet, but hopefully in the near future.

@rallaina92 : If another Twilight was released (hypothetically) would u take the opp to b part of the phenomenon 1more time ?
@JacksonRathbone : It's been such a wonderful experience, I would have to say yes.

‏@b_smoraes : Do we have any chances to see you and Nikki Reed working together again ?
@JacksonRathbone : Hopefully ! She has proved to be an amazing friend and would love to work with her again soon !

@ItsMissMarg : What's your favorite scary movie ? ;)
@JacksonRathbone : Cabin Fever

@Irinajm : How is DEAN ?
@JacksonRathbone : He's amazing ! Happy lil kitty, curls up with Monroe and I when we take naps.

@ZahraBlack94 : What's your favourite... Tree ? #whatdidijustaskyou #idek
@JacksonRathbone : ...maple ? I dunno...

@mouse555 : Most addictive condiment ?
@JacksonRathbone : Ketchup... I have a bottle tattooed on my leg, so it's always on me. Heinz for life.

@Emely_1D : Favorite shop ?
@JacksonRathbone : @neptoonrecords in Vancouver

‏@yeahitskaty : How inventive would one of my questions actually have to be to get an answer ?
@JacksonRathbone : That one worked.

@B_S_Rebel : Why "Billy Badass" ?! Can't wait to have a listen ! Love & miss you !
@JacksonRathbone : It's a country tinged rock song with gospel and rockabilly flavors... also, it's about an Amish band on Rumspringa.

@yazz_ellis : Do you like moose?
@JacksonRathbone : Sure.... ....?

@JacksonRathbone : Live love laugh

@LaraJohnsonFL : 80s, 90s, or now as far as music ?
@JacksonRathbone : Gimme the 50s

@MayMay_MaryK : Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't really fuzzy was he ?
@JacksonRathbone : It's actually a giant government conspiracy.

@Endless_Loveee : What guitar do you prefer ?
@JacksonRathbone : I tend to like the Telecaster sound the best. @Fender

‏@SaraKeincke : Did you know that some people actually dream about you ??
@JacksonRathbone : Do they ?

@JacksonRathbone : Thanks everyone! Gotta run, but that was fun. We'll do more soon! 

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