Friday, October 26, 2012

Mackenzie Foy Mentions Kristen and Robert with Teen

Mackenzie Foy Mentions Kristen and Robert with Teen

What was it like the first time you met Rob, Kristen and Taylor ?
The first time I met Rob and Kristen, I was in the hair and makeup trailer for my wig fitting and I don’t remember what they were doing — I think they were getting their hair done or something — and I just said, “Hi, my name’s Mackenzie.” I met Taylor on the first day I got to be on camera, and we were doing some scene together. He said “Hi.”

Robert said you got a lot of money from the cast for swearing around you…
Well, I started hearing some oopsies around set and I decided that I should start a swear jar. It’s just like a little container with stickers on it.

And you just told them this is something they had to do or… ?
Actually, they all wanted to do it because they have a problem. They need some help.

Who was the biggest culprit ?
I’m not gonna say !

Source => Teen / Via => Spunk Ransom

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