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Toni Trucks Mentions Robert, Kristen and Jackson in various interviews

Toni Trucks Mentions Robert, Kristen and Jackson in various interviews

It's tough to be unaware of the magnitude of this franchise, were you a fan coming in ?
I had definitely tapped into my inner tween and seen all the movies. And I like looking at Rob Pattinson, don't judge me. Let's be serious, any actor honestly hopes to be a part of a giant franchise. To be in the zeitgeist like that is amazing ... but in reality, it's kind of hard to fathom. I was at The Grove when I found out, and caused quite a scene jumping up and down.

When you find out you were cast in the Twilight Saga, who were you most excited to work with and afterwards, who would you like to work with again … I know you already did something with Michael Sheen…
When I first was cast, gosh, I think that was really just … I was a fan at that point, so you know just the idea of working with all of the leading people was really exciting. I was really happy to get to work with Bill Condon again. We had worked together on Dreamgirls, so being able to work together with him in any capacity was a thrill. You know, we’d always sort of like pointed at eachother like ‘I’ll see you again!’ and it happened. Also, Jackson Rathbone. You know, Jackson and I both went to the same performing arts high school, but we missed eachother by a couple of years. And so, we’d always heard of one another on our professional actor adventures, so I was really excited to be able to connect those dots, and we had all the same training growing up and say ‘Hey, we’re supposed to be friends so just prepare yourself.’ And then, yeah, of course you know my immense love of Michael Sheen and respect for him. And I continue to always want to work with, be near, hang out, eat with, laugh with, anything with Michael Sheen. He’s the jam.

“People were so nice. I met friends that I will keep forever,” Toni, who already knew Jackson Rathbone from school, told Access. “Michael Sheen, [who plays Volturi vampire Aro], is number one in my book. And I know that we will be friends forever.”

Toni told Access she was happy to see the devoted “Twilight” fans stand by the stars of the movie despite the barrage of recent headlines that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have made in the past few months.

“Everybody reacted with a whole lot of love, which really sort of embodies what ‘The Twilight Saga’ is. They are not a pretentious group… I think [the recent headlines don’t] matter. They still have the love for this book, these characters, these actors, and I think that [the film] is going to be unaffected by anything else,” she said.

And when it comes to eternal “Twilight” question – Team Edward or Team Jacob? – Toni said she’s split down the middle.

“Mary would say, ‘I don’t give a sh**,’ or she would say, ‘Team Edward,’ because of the vampires, clearly. But Team Trucks would say, ‘Team Jacob,’ because [Taylor Lautner] is from Michigan and I’m from Michigan and I always support all things in Michigan!” she explained to Access.

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