Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Garrett Hedlund Mentions Kristen with Rotten Tomatoes

Garrett Hedlund Mentions Kristen with Rotten Tomatoes

Right, that's... instructive. So you pieced together these characters from a lot of different sources, then.
Yeah, to find the souls of a lot of these characters. Kristen [Stewart] had the benefit of hours and hours of audio tapes of [her character] Louann Henderson speaking and telling stories, and even I benefited 'cause you could hear the love in her voice, you know, when she talks and she laughs. She would say things like, "Oh, you know, me and Jack would dance," and you just saw this rare soul. She didn't pass judgment on anything. She soaked up life, just like the rest of these guys. She was so far beyond her years. But also the letters they all wrote to each other gave us so much of their soul, and the way they expressed things -- bravely and honestly, and also ridding themselves of their inhibitions and fears. They become so infectious in your mind that you wish you knew somebody like that. All we had to do was portray somebody everyone wishes they knew. [Laughs]

Source => Rotten Tomatoes / Via => @KStewAngel

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