Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Garrett Hedlund Talks About Kristen with Next Movie

Garrett Hedlund Talks About Kristen with Next Movie

Were you worried at all that Kristen Stewart's personal drama would derail the release of the film or affect how people saw it?
Oh, no, I didn't think about that whatsoever. For her, I was so excited that she was going to play this role because she's so dedicated. When I saw "Into the Wild," I thought man, this girl would be perfect to play Marylou, you know, a girl that seemed to be wise beyond her years for a character like Marylou that was 20 years wise beyond her years. I was so excited. From the moment she jumped onto this project, she was so passionate. She had read the book when she was 15 and talked to Walter and was a fanatic about it and she spent hours and hours going over audiotapes of Marylou, the actual character, and getting the voice completely down. I was super excited that it was her and also Sam [Riley]. When I watched "Control," when I reached the end, I immediately started it again, and then again the next day. I was such a fan of his, I thought his role in "Control" was so f**king great.

Kristen also has her fair share of nudity and un-Bella Swan-like behavior. How do you think her "Twilight" fans will react?
I think she's so wonderful in this project that they're going to be proud to see someone that they cherish so much in a whole different light.

Do you hope Twi-hards come see the movie?
Do I hope? That's a very modest way of putting that. Do I hope? No, I pray! I f**kin' pray to the literary gods! The more people that come see it, I just hope it inspires them to pick up the book, first and foremost.

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