Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dakota Fanning Mentions Kristen with MTV

Dakota Fanning Mentions Kristen with MTV

Despite her best efforts to keep it a semi-secret for fear of seeming like an obsessive creepster, it's common knowledge by now that Kristen Stewart is a total raging fangirl for indie-folk-rock musician Jenny Lewis. (Sorry, KStew: everyone knows.) And when we caught up with Dakota Fanning, who became BFFs with Kristen after they worked together on the "Twilight" films and "The Runaways," and who stars in the Sundance entry "Very Good Girls," she told us that her friend was très J over the movie—for which none other than Jenny Lewis did the score.

"You have no idea," Dakota said, laughing. "I was like, dude, Jenny Lewis is doing the music, and she freaked out. She was so excited."

And whatever happens with "Very Good Girls," Dakota says she can at least count on Kristen being an avid audience for the film.

"She's gonna be so excited to see it," she said, "probably more for Jenny Lewis than for me, to be perfectly honest."

And if you want more inside scoop on the Kristen-Dakota dynamic—and of course you do, because their friendship is totally adorable—then don't miss the rest of the video, in which Dakota describes how she got her famous gal-pal addicted to "Duck Dynasty" and which scary TV series comes highly recommended by the "Twilight" star. It's pretty great.

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