Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Garrett Hedlund Mentions Kristen with Details

Garrett Hedlund Mentions Kristen with Details

Kristen Stewart, who plays Marylou, Moriarty’s ex-wife and still-tumultuous lover, in On the Road, recalls that Hedlund was “always scribbling something in his notebook. We all heard tidbits. He was writing this on-the-fly poetry, which was beautifully reminiscent of what we were doing.”

Separating the Beat character from the Beat-inspired actor wasn’t always easy. “Every time I’d see him,” Stewart says of the years-long interim between casting and filming, when financing stalled production, “I’d be like, ‘Are you already doing it?’ He just never let up.” That “free spirit” cited by Salles manifested itself after filming, when Hedlund would “just take off walking,” Stewart says. Once, after Stewart let him lead her on an aimless 4 a.m. exploration of Montreal, she finally protested, “Dude, you don’t know where you’re going!” “But he just kept on walking,” she recalls.

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