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Sam Riley Mentions Kristen with Glamour UK and Huffington Post

Sam Riley Mentions Kristen with Glamour UK and Huffington Post

How did you know you'd got the role?
I met director Walter Salles – weirdly – in Cannes, the year after 'Control', which was there in 2007. My wife [Alexandra Maria Lara] was on the jury. We had breakfast together, he'd seen 'Control' and he said that he was doing On The Road, that he'd like to meet me, and he was meeting a lot of people. Later that year, nearer Christmas, I went to New York and auditioned with Garrett [Hedlund], who'd already been signed up for quite a while, a least a year or so. Kristen [Stewart] was as well. And we went out for the evening, Garrett and I, and we hit it off really well, then we auditioned together the next day. I thought it went well – I mean, you can usually tell whether they are interested or not. But, like anyone else. I thought it would be an unusual choice to hire in a six-foot blond Yorkshireman to play a stocky, Quebecois, Boston-American icon.

Do you feel that you lived this journey?
Walter would have liked it to have been more chronological, but we had to shoot Kristen first, then we had to go back and do it again. But, I mean, there weren't any stunt drivers. And when we were walking through the snow, we were always wondering when he'd call cut. He used tricks like that, because he wanted it to be as real and spontaneous as possible. I mean, we could have tried to fit every scene of the book into the film, but that wouldn't have made for a very watchable film. So he tried to capture with us the spirit of it, if not the running order. There were hours and hours of footage. I remember we were halfway through the shoot and we thought, We've got three hours of footage now, and there's still three and a half months to go.

How much of your own driving did you do?
I don't do as much driving as Garrett. He was amazing - he bought one, a Hudson. So he knew everything about these cars, he was an excellent driver. I needed glasses, which I didn't tell anyone about! And one day they put Eric in the middle of the road with the camera and said, "Drive as fast as you can, and stop as close to the camera as you can." I was sat next to Kristen, and... I don't remember. He was just a dot and a blur, until we got quite close. After the take, Kristen was like, "Wow, you loved that! Dude, you had your face right up against the windscreen!" And I was like, "Yes, because I couldn't see a thing!"

Was it strange that Kristen was in and out of the shoot?
Yeah, but she was there for the first three months. It was strange with the other people. I finished a day after Garrett, but we were there from the very first day of Boot Camp to the very last second of wrap. And on the way, people came and went the whole time. Steve Buscemi was there for a week. Kirsten Dunst would be there, then she'd go, then she'd come back. Same with Viggo Mortensen. We just kept travelling around America, and people would come and work. And I'd never seen America either, really, so that worked for my character, to see all these things for the first time.

Source => Huffington Post---Glamour UK / Via => @KstewAngel

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