Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Camilla and Marc Freeman Talks About Kristen

Camilla and Marc Freeman Talks About Kristen

Siblings-in-fash Camilla and Marc Freeman first launched their eponymous label at Australia Fashion Week in 2003. Fast forward 10 years and since their humble beginnings, you can find the brand’s signature minimalist silhouettes, tailoring and luxurious dresses in some of the most significant stores, and on the backs of some of the best dressed ladies in the limelight. “They are all innately chic, but with their own edge,” Camilla told us of their A-list following, “Each [of them] are confident young women, who know who they are and like to mix luxe casualness into however they dress.” Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Miranda Kerr are in the club, but has there ever been a favourite? “Kristen Stewart was certainly one of them,” the duo admitted, “It was just when the Twilight-mania had begun to really take a grip on the world and because of that moment, we had a huge response internationally.”

Source => Grazia UK / Via => Kristen Stewart News

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