Saturday, September 21, 2013

Robert in "Cosmopolitan" Russian Magazine

Robert in "Cosmopolitan" Russian Magazine


Hollywood actor became the face of the line Dior Homme. His new image: sexy squint, brutal vampire hair and no lotions.

"When I was 12 I used perfume, and it seemed to me something of a pass into adulthood. Today I’m 27 and I still think that the right flavor – it’s a grown-up. If you leave the house smelling, then be sure to have a good reason ! I recently co-starred in a very sexy promotional film fragrance Dior Homme. Most of these videos get very restrained – between the viewer and the creator of the video there is no contact.
But Romain Gavras, the director of this film, is known for always takes fucking true. He advised us to Camille Rowe. (Robert’s partner in the film.) Do sexually explicit things and enjoy it.With Camille it was not difficult."

Source => @Roboshayka / Via => Spunk Ransom

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