Thursday, September 19, 2013

Robert in "GQ" Russian Magazine

Robert in "GQ" Russian Magazine


Robert Pattinson told us why he agreed to be the new face of "Dior homme".

What does Dior means to you ?
Dior is a legend and I like that it’s French. When I’m filming a movie I always hope that it’ll be presented in the Cannes festival because it’s the Top League. The world is Complex than me and I secretly hope that I’ll get a little bit of a Stardust.

The French people Characterized with elegance, do you aspire to get it ?
To me elegance isn’t about looks, it’s the ability to feel comfortable with yourself and the ability to behave with honor and respect and to listen to others instead of talking about yourself constantly .

What attract you to the fragrance "Dior homme" ?
To me is to rebuild the image classy fragrance. There is something very attractive in doing remakes of movies or fragrances, you have the chance to do something new more wilder than the source. My character in the commercial wore a suit but ran on roofs and going crazy.

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