Wednesday, November 13, 2013

''American Ultra'' Sold in Asia

''American Ultra'' Sold in Asia

Indie comedy ''American Ultra'', starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, has picked up traction at the American Film Market with multiple market sales for Asia.

Apsara Distribution, IM Global’s pan-Asian rights buying and distribution division, acquired the film from FilmNation for Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and India.

''Ultra'' will re-team Stewart and Eisenberg five years after they starred in Greg Mottola’s ''Adventureland''. ''Project X'' director Nima Nourizadeh is on board to helm from a script by ''Chronicle'' writer Max Landis.

Eisenberg will portray a stoner who lives in a small town with his girlfriend (Stewart) when his past comes back to haunt him and he becomes the target of a government operation to wipe him out.

Shooting is set to start in April.

Source => Variety / Via => Gossip Dance

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