Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lance Sloane Mentions Jackson with The Wrap

Lance Sloane Mentions Jackson with The Wrap

Did you always want to cast Jackson ?
Before we got Jackson, my son was really good friends with David Henrie, the kid from ''Wizards of Waverly Place''. It was a huge hit when we were in production and he begged to be a part of ["Aim High"], but he was under an existing contract. McG was always a fan of Jackson Rathbone, and he jumped in while doing ''Twilight''.

How would you describe Jackson’s character ?
The job he’s taken is not what he signed up for. He’s super good at it but wants to be a regular kid. He wants to date the hot girl.

How long do you think you can keep it going ? Won’t Jackson get too old to play a kid in high school ?
He’s getting to that point now for sure. We really had conversations about the second season – is he in high school anymore or is he off in Jakarta on a mission ? You can go anywhere with it. The next season, god willing, maybe we’ll highlight another character or Jackson hands it off.

Who determines if there is another season ?
We’ve talked to Crackle about a third. That could be cool. A small group of us determine a third one, but ultimately it’s the fans. We have to give them what they want.

Source => The Wrap / Via => Jackson Rathbone Online

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