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Kristen in "Elle'' French Magazine

Kristen in "Elle'' French Magazine

The American actress, Face of Balenciaga and her secret beauty.

Your secret for beautiful skin?
I watch to always clean my skin. I use Proactiv + special teenager‘s cleansing which fits really good with me, I don’t really know what will happen if I stop one day. Then I apply eye contour and a moisturizing cream; Dermalogica or a treatment by a make-up artist, I think it’s good for the skin.

Your make-up that you use everyday?
I don’t put anything heavy on my skin. And when I don’t have this perfect black line of eyeliner made by my make-up artist Jillian Dempsey, I take H&M’s eyeliner which is really good and cheap. The other day I asked my friend to buy me five of them! The final result is to be natural and thin cause I don’t want to look like a raccoon! And as I like my lip color I only apply moisturizing balm Rosebud.

And to go out?
A little red lip, few or really red but nothing in between. When I have to dress for an events I wear a Chanel’ s dark nail polish, rouge, noir ou dark blue according what I wear.

Do you have a plan to keep a thin body?
I can eat five cheeseburger in a week! I‘m lucky I don’t have to watch what I eat. But before I shoot a movie, I try to eat better and healthier. I love cooking: I make the best quinoa, with coco’s milk instead of water, mango and herbs. Crunchy and creamy at the same time!

Something you do all the time?
I don’t have a trainer but I should! I love running, swimming, skateboarding and biking or a walk with my dogs. I’m lucky to live in California where there are a lot of nice place outdoors, I’m boring to practice in a fitness center! But I do it sometimes like before shooting Snow White; I knew that I won’t stop running, and I didn’t want everybody wait me to catch my breath! I practiced everyday in L.A with a trainer who kicked my ass, I was in a good shape.

In you armor there is …
Rosabotanica de Balenciaga, I was fan of Florabotanica, the previous fragrance. Unlike its name this new perfume isn’t too much flowery, there is something warm. And especially it’s different on each person.

The best beauty advice someone give you?
Drink water and sleep.

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