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SWATH Madrid Press Junket : Kristen Interview with 40 Principales

SWATH Madrid Press Junket : Kristen Interview with 40 Principales

The top 40 has organized an interview with fans send their questions via the web. These are the responses of Kristen:

Celite121 said:
What was your favorite moment of the recording of snow white?
There is a growth that happens at the end of the movie, very important, it becomes a war movie. The speech in Braveheart plan, prepared me a lot, we rewrite it a thousand times until it sounded right. For me the moment I let go and told themselves believing every word was magic!

Stewlove said:
I'm a Spanish fan who admires your career and career for years and I would like to know which role you have liked to have seen play and why.
Meryl Streep in The Hunter.

@ 4leafcloveroc Isabel said:
Hello again! Kristen, ever seen one of your movies dubbed in Spanish? How does it feel to see yourself something you do not understand spoken with different voices? Like you say in Spanish? Thank you.
I like my voice in Spanish. Do not feel like seeing me with another voice. I have understood that it is always the same actress.

Ainhoa ​​smith said:
Can you tell us something of yours? What few people know?

Mr water said:
Can you explain in your own words how you feel even knowing that you are present in the dreams of so many people? Thank you.
It is very rare, for the reason that I like my job is the creative energy. When someone gets what I do, it excites me a lot, and it motivates me to continue working.

White said:
How do you think would be Snow White in 2012?
The cool thing about our film is that, despite having a medieval atmosphere, this is a hard world that requires her to be strong. I love to see her at the present time, it sure would be politics.

Jose maria said:
To make the character of Snow White, did you have to work hard to achieve?
Yes, it was hard to become it. His strength is born of fear, as if a spring activated. It's a sweet person that makes you overcome the fear itself and impossible feats. It is a very complex character.

Yasmina said:
What is your favorite movie?
NO I have a favorite movie. No one ...

Belenchu ​​said:
You've been a couple of times in Spain. Is there any Spanish food be your favorite?
The best dinners I've had have been in Madrid. I love the golden salt, olives. When someone says the word Spain, I drool.

Nefelibata4 said:
Can you tell us some story of shooting?
THE Prince William can not lift his arm without hitting and faint. In one scene, a horse, he caught his foot in the stirrup in the middle of the battle and could not move. It looked like a turtle when he put on his armor.

Sonia said:
What music do you listen normally? I was a fan of Joan Jett and after seeing The Runaways ... Just say that the performance of kristen was awesome awesome! Kristen continues, God do not ever change!
I grew up in Los Angeles, where he spends much time in the car listening to music. I love ancient groups like The Runaways, The Shins were my favorite band for long.

Sonia said:
If you could change something in your life, would you? What would you change?
That's hard. I wish I could take my pets traveling by air. I wish I could teleport.

Kris said:
Can you speak Spanish?
Just a little. I grew up in Los Angeles and should speak much better.

Eva Garcia Salcedo (Badalona, ​​Barcelona) said:
What is your favorite number? What color? What song?
Hello! My favorite number is 8. I have several favorite colors. Now it is red. I can hear one song nonstop for months, and lately has been 'Towers' by Bon Iver.

Nemar1993 said:
What character are you most identify with Bella Swan or White?
I asked the other day, and it is difficult to say something, but I think I have something of both. Both are good people

Pasparda said:
Hi Kristen! What do you like in Spain? Do you live here would you suggest? A big kiss!
Madrid is my favorite city by far dog have spent little time here, I do not know how it would be settling for. The last time I did not sleep here in two days, but not because it is a bad girl. It is the city that's contagious.

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