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Kristen in "Goia" Italian Magazine

Kristen in "Goia" Italian Magazine

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Kristen Stewart. Snow White wasn't so shy.

If you are thinking about the classic young dreaming girl of the fairy tale, forget it. In the new gothic version there is more Giovanna D'Arco then Grimm. That's because the Bella of Twilight is grown up (although her cachet, number one in the world). And she's trying to become the most sensual women of America.

Nobody can be a pop icon as Kristen Stewart. She's Bella Swan, the high school and misunderstood rebel of Twilight, first contested by vampires and werewolves, then wife and mother, and finally vampire. Breaking Dawn - Part 2, last film of the saga that makes her famous, will be in cinemas on november. But the twenty-two star, which has inflamed the Croisette at Cannes Festival in a long scarlet and sexy dress, is going to surprise us in the role of another heroine in SWATH. And there, in the challenge for the most beautiful of them all, she has to fight against Charlize Theron, so blonde as bad, revealing a warlike disposition. Then in October, in On the Road, the film version of the legendary Jack Kerouac's book, we will discover another Kristen: unusual, unconventional and sexy.

The innocent girl has become a sensual woman, and let everybody scream at the scandal.

Marylou in OTR has nothing in common with Bella.
I love Kerouac and I'm really happy that the book has become a film but I have to admit that, without Walter Salles, I don't know If I would be able to play that role. He noticed my spiritual connectionwith that caracter, a woman who wants to live over the lines, savoring what happens along the way: she can roll a cigarette as well as driving naked. It was the America of the beat generation, young people in the discovery of life, hungry of love of life. You will see me disrespectful of bourgeois values like sex and marriage. Sal (Sam Riley) and I will have very libertine interactions with Dean and his wife (Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst).

The loss of inhibitions have reflections in real life?
Sure. Each film makes me less inhibited than the previous, I let myself go farther: I want to risk that people don't like me if it let me to grow. I love change. At first I was careful not to contradict anyone, now I don't care. And about my private life, everyone believe to know everything but they are wrong.

We know you love read.
I always loved to read, since I was a child and I haven't stopped growing. My favourite is The Eden Valley by John Steinbeck. And I have read OTR when I was fourteen. I have to be onest: I emphasize phrases and quotes, just because then, when I read it for the second time I can see how I have changed.

Then came the twilight saga.
I was seventeen when my agent gave me the twilight script: at that age love, rebellion and vampire are the same. Bella was just like me: spontaneous, out of control, against everyone and everything as every teenager. But I never expected such a success.

When you start to think "I'm a star"?
When, after Twilight I wasn't able to get out of my house for four years. I hope that people will forget Bella so I'll become the person that I always want to be: myself.

How is your Snow White?
I love my Snow White, she's not like the fairytale but I can make her just a warrior. In the movie she's also the most compassionate in the world, she fight for her people and herkingdom.

Who is a hero today?
Hero is a big word, that define who has made an exceptional action in a single moment of his life. Then there are those who has heroic qualities, Who knows how to make courageous choices that try to do the right thing. I can say I have morals and a conscience but I don't find them heroic, only honest.

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