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Robert and Kristen in "One" French Magazine

 Robert and Kristen in "One" French Magazine

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Kristen Interview Translation

The success of Snow White & the Huntsman confirmed that Kristen Stewart could draw the audience into a different role than Bella. Her level of popularity is still on top, but she still refuses to be locked in the codes of the classic star.

You are often described as a rebel, is it a word that defines you well?
I like the idea of being a rebel. But rebel against what? I think I stand in my way to the way we tried to model myself. I'm not trying to sound like anyone and I do not make efforts to smile at every turn. I'm natural but I must admit that it regularly puts me in trouble. I'm honnest in interviews i'm not just rehashing an already prepared speech and then I pass for a girl who complains all the time. we misinterpreted some of my statements on such twilight. And some concluded that I didn't like my role nor the Saga. But it is totally false.

Can you then tell us what is the truth once and for all?
Yes, thank you. Once and for all, I love Twilight and Bella. Nobody will defend the saga more than me. I've complained about wearing contacts for the role and said i was cold, but it doesn't mean that the shooting was a nightmare. There is also the fact that I don't spend my time smiling, but this is how i am , i'm not going to change in irder to please the critics.

You're only ten years older than the actress who plays Renesmee. Was it difficult to play a mother figure at your age?
I had a very motherly relationship with the young actress MacKenzie Foy. And, she really looks like me ! Even our hands are alike. That was strange, but it helped me picture her as my daughter. Bella and Renesmee are able to communicate trough telepathy and it really is interesting to play. Mackenzie also brought Rob's father instincts.

Why did you decide to play a porn actress in your next film?
Because the script was totally crazy ! I've always been attracted to strange things. Nick Cassavetes asked me to play in Cali and to play the role of a girl not so pure that will nonetheless try everything in order to save her kid sister kidnapped by criminals. I'm training with a coach right now getting myself ready for the shooting. I'm going to dye my hair blonde and physically shape myself as a sexy porn star. The script is really extreme but i love to read something where identify myself as a character so different than me.

You were just chosen to be the face of Baleniaga and its new fragrance. Doyou consider yourself as a fashion icon?
Dear god no !! (laughs) I've been criticized so many times by photographers and journalists because I wasn't perfect on the red carpet. Most of the time, i don't even know the brand's name of the dress i'm wearing. The only exception is Balenciaga which i've alwas loved, because Nicolas Ghesquière's outfits are provocative and bold. But i'm more of a Tom boy lookwise. I wore my brother's clothes for a very long time. In High school I remember being harrassed because of my clothes. I didn't care about my appearence and some of the girls made me ashamed at the gym because I wasn't shaving my legs at the age of 12!

Are the Press critics affect you? Not the one that are about my look. I'm not perfect and I don't want the public to think so. If I were on top of my game all the time, people would say : what an actress, what a liar ! I don't give a fuck about people that judge me. The other day on the SWATH red carpet I removed my heels to put sneakers on before signing autographs. That was not in order to be more confortable but to be the same size as the young girls who were there to see me. I don't want to seem to be superior to anyone. The heels look better on pictures but nevermind.

So it is false to think that you are scared of your fans?
The fans are not frightening. Each and every one of them are different and interesting. But a group of fans, it's different. In that case, it become scary, because it's like being caught by a wave that is stronger than you. The noise is deafening just like a tsunami and you know it can destroy everything on its path. You ought to be a sociopath for not being frightened and not fearing the energy directed towards you.

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