Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" The Score Cover and Tracklist

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" The Score Cover and Tracklist


1. Twilight Overture (3m02)
2. A World Bright and Buzzing (1m12)
3. The Lamb Hunts The Lion (1m59)
4. Meet Renesmee (2m43)
5. Here Goes Nothing (0m59)
6. Sparkles At Last (1m04)
7. Catching Snowflakes (1m41)
8. The Immortal Children (2m01)
9. Merchant of Venice (0m44)
10. Into The White (1m04)
11. Renesmee's Lullaby / Something Terrible (3m03)
12. A Way With The World (1m38)
13. The Amazon Arrives (1m00)
14. A Yankee Vampire (1m07)
15. Cloud Forest (1m23)
16. Witnesses (1m37)
17. We Will Fight (0m57)
18. Shield Training (2m09)
19. At Bedtime A Child Asks About Death (1m14)
20. Decoding Alice (1m45)
21. The Driving Question (1m09)
22. Present Time (2m11)
23. This Extraordinary Life (2m11)
24. Gathering In Snow (2m45)
25. She Is Not Immortal (0m53)
26. Reading Edward (0m55)
27. Magnifica (1m10)
28. Irina Loses Her Head (2m52)
29. Aro's Oration (2m48)
30. A Kick In The Head (0m58)
31. Exacueret Nostri Dentes in Filia (1m48)
32. Chasing Renesmee (1m20)
33. A Crack In The Earth (2m24)
34. Aro's End (1m52)
35. That's Your Future (0m52)
36. Such A Prize (3m25)

The score will be on store on November 19th, 2012.
You can pre-order it at Amazon US or Amazon France.

Source => Amazon / Via => Twilight Belgium

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