Saturday, October 13, 2012

Robert Video of "100% Mag" French Show

Robert Video of "100% Mag" French Show

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Robert Pattinson, the teen vampire, had the great idea of taking a lot of different role while he was shooting the Twilight movies and today it rewards him.

Journ: Are you vampirised by the cinema today ?
Rob: I hope so. In a certain way. It's a very complicated job and the ambiance is quite criticized. I like it and if I still have new offer, it's great. It's quite unexpected. It's true. I didn't expect any of it but it happens currently.

The winning strategy consists in not making people forget about his character but to use him a step stone. Today he is at the top of his carreer and Robert Pattinson can do whatever he wants, like other heroes did before him.

Credit => Doudounelamouche---Le RPattz Club

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