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Kristen in "Sky Views'' Mexican Magazine

Kristen in "Sky Views'' Mexican Magazine


Bella's transformation is spectacular. How did you manage to not play both versions of Bella the same way ?
I love that human Bella gives her all. She never acts like she's being pushed to do things. She's emotionally honest, something that is very authentic in teenagers. Everything is rushed and hard in her story, until she finally becomes a vampire and it gives a meaning to her life. She transforms herself for Edward and their baby.

How are you facing the future now ? Do you feel the dark shadow if Twilight will be cast over the rest of your career ?
Everybody will bring up how I became famous because of the saga. If people are bog fans of these series, they will have a hard time separating me from the role. I'm facing the challenge of proving people that i can do much more. I'm in a position right now where I can choose what to work on. It's amazing and I'm very fortunate because this is not something that presents itself to every actress of my generation. I'm proud and thankful for this role.

Did you steal anything from the set ?
I took Bella's bracelets and some rings, which is just jewelry, but nothing else. I don't even know where I keep them.

What are you doing to miss the most ?
Going to set and seeing all the familiar faces in the team. The anticipation of seeing all the crew, my family in this film, that's what I'll miss the most. There was a great chemistry on set, everybody got along. From day one it felt like family, and you can see that in the final product in each movie... It's been an amazing experience that I'm going to miss a lot for sure.

Fame has taken your privacy away from you. What would you love to do that you can't do anymore ?
I can't hide anywhere right now. There isn't a single place where I can hide. I could literally go to the botton of the ocean to scuba dive and someone will take a picture and post it online. I'd just like to do one thing and not be photographed.

Is it easy in your profession to forget about yourself and just think of the characters that you play ?
No. I'm not trying to be someone else. These are stories that actually bing something out of me that surprise me. When I film a movie I explore certain emotions that spark something in me. It's an unexpected feeling.

How do you see Bella ?
What I like most about her personality is that eventhough she's a damsel in distress most of the times she knows the power she has within her relationship with Edward. She's determined, stubborn, and very brave. Many girls can relate to that, so this is why the book was a success in the first place.

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