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Kristen Stewart's Rom-Com Desires: "I Don't Know What I Want to Do Until It's Right in Front of Me"

Kristen Stewart's Rom-Com Desires: "I Don't Know What I Want to Do Until It's Right in Front of Me"

When it comes to movie roles, Kristen Stewart gets the best of both worlds. When she's not taking on box office juggernauts like The Twilight Saga or Snow White and the Huntsman, she's biting into meaty roles in indies like Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways and now On the Road.

So does Bella Swan herself ever want to just kick back and do a rom-com?

"Um, I guess so," Kristen told us at the AFI special screening of On the Road. "I don't know what I want to do until it's right in front of me. I feel like if I knew what story I wanted to tell, I'd be directing it. I don't think very tactfully."

The actress, who killed on the carpet in a black and white Balenciaga number, continued, "It takes such a particular thing to want to play a part. It's a really very strange thing to do, to pretend to be someone else and let other people watch you do it. They need to feel like real people, they need to feel like somebody that you need to be responsible for. So when I see that, I'm down."

Something she clearly saw in On the Road's free-spirited Marylou: "She was the type of person that was like a bottomless pit. You couldn't take too much, she was always getting just as much back from you," K.Stew explained to us. "That's a really rare person. She wasn't special because she was ahead of her time and it was a very conservative era, I think even now you'd be blown away by her."

And Kristen confesses that the timing of the movie couldn't have been more perfect. "Getting to know her and getting to know myself over the years," she said. "You know, I started thinking about this when I was like 17 and I ultimately did it when I was 20, it's good that those few years past."

For her work, director Walter Salles only has compliments for Stewart: "When you cast actors, you are in a position where you think, 'OK they're going to be great,'" he confessed. "Then, when they come to set and they ask for another take and they show you that there's another way to elevate this, then you're receiving a gift. And I received gifts every day during this shoot."

Kristen's method for delivering those gifts? Trial and error—with error being the objective! She filled us in, "When you have the sense that you really cannot mess anything up, that [Salles] wants to see you mess up and that's actually what he would prefer…I think it's so much more interesting to watch somebody discover something rather than package it up and deliver it to you."

So maybe we shouldn't hold our breath for a light hearted rom-com anytime soon. After all, it is rumored that her next role could be playing a con artist opposite Ben Affleck in Focus. Sounds intense to us.

Source => E! Online / Via => Kristen Stewart News

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